Like every region in France, Franche-Comté has its own cheese specialties. You cannot stop in the Pays Baumois without crunching on Comté or spreading a bit of Cancoillotte on a nice piece of bread!

Below some good addresses to find cheese in Baume-les-Dames and the surroundings:

Direct selling:
Fruitière of Passavant: Comté made on site an other cheeses of the region.
Fruitière of Lomont-sur-Crête: Comté made on site an other cheeses of the region.
Fromagerie Liechti in Épenouse: cheese maker specialties inspired from local traditions or more original.

Other points of sale:
Le Marché aux Saveurs in Baume-les-Dames
Corneille dairy shop in Baume-les-Dames
Fleuron des Gourmets Cancoillotte: made in Clerval, on sale in every local supermarket.

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